** Covid-19 Global Pandemic of 2020 ** - Main Discussion Thread

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Interesting conversation on the Co-vid vaccine on the CBC this afternoon.
Most people asking smart questions.. my question is have these pharmaceutical
corporations been cleared of any liability in case something goes pear shaped ??
First time they have tinkered about with MRNA, so who can say..
plausible deniabilty and profit margins along with stock options to cheerleaders
versus the public good.

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I've seen people collapse all over. This 99% stat doesn't capture the whole pic.
99.06% survival rate is easy to come by! You just keep enlarging the base to get to the number you want. If you include people in the U.S. who were diagnosed with the virus, the percentage is higher than if you include everyone in the country... Personally, I don't think you can be counted as a "survivor" if you didn't have the virus. With their logic, I also survived the Vietnam war, all the Gulf Wars of various names, the Cuban Missile Crisis... and the 60's.