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Todays Covid story...

My son had a 1st aid merit badge class today. It was held in a Methodist church community room and the instructor was a local firefighter/paramedic. About a dozen kids and 4 adults were 8n tje space and all were "socially distanced" and had masks on. The instructor didnt have a mask on because no one could hear him plus he was at the front of the room. He couldn't hear many of the kids because of their masks. But That's not the best part, on kid was sitting in tje far back with an N95 mask on and an adult came in from outside and called the instructor over. Guy asked the instructor why he wasn't wearing a mask (instructor responded that as the instructor the class needed to be able to listen and understand him plus he was more than distanced from the group. Adult then asked if some windows could be opened to allow for airflow (it was about 45 degrees out) instructor told him no that the room would become cold and the kids wouldn't be able to focus and would risk catching a cold. The adult called for the kid sitting in the back with the n95 mask to come over and he gathered his stuff and they left... Poor kid didnt even have a choice but the rest of the class and adults applauded the instructors stance on the matter...

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Apparently, louisianans have collectively decided to stop wearing masks. I don't think this is a relaxation of gov't regs. In firehouse subs, two retail stores (O'Reilly and Lowe's), and two didn't gas stations- no signs or masks on most employees. I'm going to continue wearing mine because I'm a germophobe asshole. Just an observation on Sunday.


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The first thought that hits me is...

...people are REALLY scared of going to the doctor for flu symptoms. So they just stay home and fight through it. No doctor visit - no count for the report.

Plus social distancing.

Plus mask wearing.

Plus more hand washing and improved hygiene.

Basically, all the steps taken to prevent Covid from spreading, also help prevent regular 'ol flu. Then people who get the flu are afraid to go near a hospital or clinic. So they stay home.


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The bright side of all this is maybe people are more educated and other illnesses will drop.
probably due to isolation and the overuse of antibacterials, diseases groups of people had built up a immunity to over the years, will bounce back as the following generations have not been exposed........ damned if ya do and damned if ya don't scenario.....

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