Cooling during summer with no power


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Given the recent winter storm in Texas, it go me to thinking about summer. What if the grid mysteriously fails in Texas in August? How could I keep the apt cool and/or breathable with no power?

First thing that comes to mind is first doing what was recommended to keep heat in: Keep curtains closed, towels at bottom of windows and door frames to block warm air. Interior wouldn't be totally sealed as I would still be going in and out to take the dogs potty.

I could prop front door and balcony door, open windows (they have screens) to get breeze and air circulating through the joint in the evenings.

Other ways to keep cool?


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If Humidity is Low, do Evaporative cooling - box fan blowing through wet gauze...

If you can open one window, put guze or thin burlap over the small opening, and run an exhaust fan elsewhere in the unit. same with simple cross-ventilation.

If you have a small balcony/deck, wet it down, and draw air into the apartment that way.

Aluminum Foil on every indow facing sun in the Afternoon.

Naturally Less Clothes and Lighter Clothnig and a Cool Drinky!


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Swamp cooler.
Ice chest with battery powered fan.
Or just try to live with the heat as best you can. Cool drinks, those bandana coolers.

Up here I use window AC units in certain rooms. 75 and dry is better than 85 and humid.

Keeping the windows closed. Shades drawn only goes so far. Eventually the structure heats up and radiates in.

Good on you for your forward thinking Bronzino👍🏻


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big tarp, folding cover, pickup truck, cooler full of beer and a water hose. put the tarp in truck bed, fill with water. add people and beer as necessary. Here, you just hit the river, black water is cool, but the leeches are thick in summer.


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When I lived in Italy (no in door AC as the grid couldn’t handle it) as a kid we would use a spray mister to wet down our upper bodies. That coupled with a wet rag on your neck and a fan or goo breeze would make things nice and comfortable.


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Question for you electrical/solar/smart engineer types. Yes I'm looking at you @HandLoad lol

Obviously you can sit in the auto A/C during the hottest parts of the day if it were necessary. And you could charge a 20V fan with the proper charger while the car is running and cooling you down. My question is: Would a large (say 100W) solar panel run the charger I linked? I wouldn't think a separate charge controller would be necessary.

Its at least some air blowing on you.,aps,194&sr=8-2,aps,178&sr=8-5


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That is a Kinda Tough Question to answer, Ogweh - Answer is "It Depends" Here's why: Insolation (the amount of Energy in the incident Sunlight) varies widely, mostly due to cloud cover, but also because of Latitude. One Day charging from a New, Clean, Efficient Solar Panel at the equator on a Clear Day might need Ten Days' Charging at Fairbanks Alaska on a Typical Cloud covered Day with dirty Panel that is old, to gather an equal charge.

Further, the conversion from One Voltage to another is a WASTEFUL process! Best is to charge 12 Volt Batteries with a Panel that has an OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) of around 16-18 Volts, connected DIRECTLY (with as short and fat wires as practical). this for a 12VDC device.

Still further, buy/find a Fan that uses Hall-Effect Switching, instead of Draggy Carbon Brushes and a Commutator. Ideally, use a Fan that has a Magnetic Bearing AND Hall-Effect Switching, where nothing rotating touches anything stationary.

As Usual, all it takes is money. <Big Cheesy Grin>

Clear as Mud?

If You want, I can easily confuse You with even More Bull... <bigger Grin>


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So, if Ya had a 100W panel, hooked to the charger/converter, charging the 20 VDC Fan, it would probably actually be packing in somewhere around 60 Watts. Then Ya calculate how many watt-hours the powerpack can hold, and then You find Hours of "Full Sun" to fill er up.