Consuming Diatomaceous earth


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Has anyone tried this? My stomach issues hae gotten a bit worse and taking DE as a supplement has been suggested to me. Anyone have any experience with this?

Mel's Cookin'

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You're supposed to start with about a teaspoon in a cup and a half of liquid. It tastes like gritty chalk. I hid it in a smoothie, that worked better. I don't remember the schedule for increasing the amount, I started with a teaspoon and that worked for me.

A few days, close to a week, after you start using it, you have two or three days of feeling like you have the flu. That is supposedly your system flushing out the "whatever" was causing the problems in your digestive system. That flu-like feeling goes away but even that beat the lower intestinal problems I was having before. After a few months, I tried not using it for a week or so and the problem had been corrected... don't know how, that's above my pay grade to figure out. :LOL:


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Mels, I've used diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal at various times in my checkered past. They work for cleaning out the GI tract, and can pull things out of the buildup of things on the wall lining that don't want to let go and pass otherwise. A couple of horse capsules (2.5 cc gelatin capsules) are enough to carry in the possibles bag.