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Tucker Carlson had a piece on last night about chickens not laying eggs. He had several different people say that they suspect the Purina chicken food. They said that when they switched to a local made food, the birds started laying again.

I have always used a local food made at a mill a couple of miles from me.
I’m picking up 2000lb of local feed tomorrow, so I should be good for about 6 months.

I’ve been using TSC pellets. Our girls have started picking up again. Been getting 8-12 eggs a day, out of 25ish hens. So not great, but better than 2 or 3. About half are just getting to laying age too.
I went from 7 a day in winter to none. i opted to not do artificial lighting to just allow them to stay on their natural cycle. I use producers pride (TSC brand). after the reports cam out, i called the local feed mill. I should have gone there all along.its 17% layer pellets milled locally in my state. a little cheaper per pound than TSC bedding was a dollar cheaper per bundle, scratch was $4 less per bag. i dont have the storage to buy bulk but thats where the big savings come from the local place