Check this map to see if police are using Amazon Ring's surveillance network in your neighborhood

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Probably in the wrong spot. Feel free to move..

Amazon has been working for years with police in various areas to help them take advantage of footage shot by the Ring video doorbell. In fact, in 2015 Amazon partnered with the Los Angeles Police Department in a pilot program to see how Ring footage could reduce property crimes.
In just four years, the Ring program reportedly has expanded to more than 225 cities across the nation. Through Amazon, police departments have been given access to a portal that allows them to see a map of where Ring smart doorbells are installed.


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Same here Sac. Only reason we lock the doors now, is because of the kid that murdered a woman a couple of towns over. That was 7 or more years ago.
He lived at the end of the street and used to walk up the street daily. Granted our house is 300 feet off the road. That’s not necessarily a plus when talking about crime though.

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The old-timers still say they use the SSS principle to deal with it. And because of that SSS policy, we just don't have a lot of crime up around these parts. We've been known to bury a lot of interesting things in the corn fields up this way. I here talk that Al Capone had to offload some of his "possessions" up this way and got them buried in a field for many years, (certainly after his life was over.)

None of the three states are involved and only Minnesotistan has one city involved. Now since it is racist to notice the places where the heaviest concentration of these is found, I'll merely point out that the "Majority of citizens" in the heaviest areas of use are POC's. But of course, there is no relationship between the concentration of crime and the POC population, is there?


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I have ring everything. 2 doorbells, 2 floodlight cams, security system etc. Guess that shit is coming down.
The same goes for “nest” thermostats, they were designed to allow outside control to fight global warming. They were introduced when power companies introduced smart meters on the outside of your house. The meters give the POCO control of your real time usage so you can be throttled back if you are using to much power.
Once again global warming was the battle cry of big brother.


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Another step in the removal of all social interaction in our society.

You can work from home.
You can buy your clothing, food, appliances, toilet paper...damn near everything on line, have it delivered and never leave your house.
You can send a message and Grub Hub will deliver your meals.
You can even order alcohol to drown out your feelings of lonliness.
No wonder people can't handle society or get along with others.
Now you can spy on your neighbors without them knowing and rat them out for having guns and watch to popo come raid their house...all with your designer drapes (from Amazon) closed.


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My buddy has those. A guy in a box truck came around looking in his yard and cars. Wife went out with a gun and scared him off. Between the ring and other surveillance cameras he had pictures of the guy and the plate. Deputy showed up with an attitude. Ran the plate and it was stolen. Deputy asked my buddy what he was supposed to do about it. Even with the cameras cops ain’t worth shit.


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I personally don’t have security cameras, one day I’d like to install a system that only stores to a personal server, but I won’t do the cloud system.

However, they are helpful. Police used Ring doorbells to find Mollie Tibet’s body and her killer.