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I want to build my own camper but just dont have the extra cash right now. I did get my co workers obsessed with campers. hes an artist and when he needs to work out a issue he draws so hes been coming up with really cool designs for me. he also searches the web all day for campers and this is one of the ones he showed me

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I've looked at these in the past, along with the much bigger toy haulers. Outside the price, this has another major drawback in its design that others share- the pass thru cabinets. If I'm spending this kind of money (I was looking in the 35-40k range), I don't want gaping holes to the outside letting my air conditioning out.

I've got an old pop up for hunting, but i've always wanted something I can easily drop. This design has features i didn't know until just now i wanted. That emergency single axle down feature is awesome. I want something more utilitarian though. Canvas seats, no carpet, all plastic interior so you can pressure wash it out, and solar are all in my list. Might just be able to build what I want on a 109 trailer combined to a second 109....


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What turns me off is those small trailer campers where they slap some Jeep type wheels on, jack up the suspension a bit, paint them a cool earth color and charge $40,000.
I can get a pop up tent permanently mounted to my truck with an awning, keep all my camping gear in the bed locked up for under $10,000. And that’s all new stuff. Prices are crazy but I guess people pay them