Cast iron made in the USA


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There’s a guy on YouTube named Kent Rollins who still travels around with cowboys cooking like the old west. He did some reviews on Field cast iron. I recommend his videos for the humor and good ol fashioned way of cooking.


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I applaud the "Made in U.S.A." SWMBO would applaud the "Lighter" bit. I took cheep Asian rip-off pebbley finish Cast Iron, Years ago, and attacked the inner, cooking Surfaces with an Automotive orbital sander. Smoothed them up till they were durn near mirror finishes. Haven't worn them out yet. Probably won't. Daughter will have to decide what to do with them.

Cast Iron is great cooking surface!


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Pricey? You haven't bought cookware in a while Don. I think that's a relatively decent price. Been adding to my cast iron collection.

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Lodge brand cast iron stuff is very good.. I have a couple of long handled Widow makers
for shore lunches, 2 large fry pans, and the 2 sided griddle. Excellent stuff. Go from the stove, to the inside of the woodstove, to outside on an open fire. If you look after it, and season it
when it needs it, it will outlast your kids and grandkids.


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x2 on the Lodge being good stuff.
The Lodge factory is in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has factory tours so you can watch them make the skillets and stuff.
The also have a outlet store across the street.
When we were there, you could pick up a coupon at any travel center or rest area for a factory 2nd, 11" cast iron skillet for $5.00.
I had to ask a store employee to point out the blemish for me.