Best way to find active HF frequencies?


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Is there a way to rig a yagi antenna, a motor and some type of compass to turn a radio listening station into something like a sonar station on a sub?
There are "rotators" for aiming a Yagi or Quad or "other" sort of Antenna, but they are not made for constant movement. Idea is that You either: know the azimuth to an intended station; or that You tune in an unknown, and peak the reception by turning the antenna.

I'll bet that with the advent of SDR, an operator could construct something like what you envision, but antenna rotator would have to be special made for constant motion.

You could do it in Software, if You had an Antenna Array (multiple antennas, all connected in some manner (look up "Elephant Cage" Antenna array, if You have some spare change to spend)


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