Article: How Much Battery do You Need?


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Settle down now. Just poking some fun.

My current (get it) plan is to use the 4 - 35Ah sealed lead batteries I have wired in parallel to power the radio in the Ham shack o love. Thinking of short (get it) cableing them to copper bus bar on fiberglass insulators. Feed from one end and wall charger from the t’other.


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Folks, I'm going to give you an example of the thinking I use in this kind of matter. Back in the revolver days, the usual canny peace officer kept three sidearms. One was at the gunsmith's, for rebuild. One was on the nightstand, at home, ready to replace the holster gun, and the last one was in his holster. When the holster gun started getting loose and not centering primers, the pistol went to the gunsmith, the nightstand gun went into the holster, and the gunsmith got paid, and the repaired one went onto the nightstand.... If he was a two-gun man, multiply by two.... Took a bigger nightstand.....

I have several items that take specialized batteries or battery packs. First off, I will build a battery pack, if they're not commercially available, out of the best 18650 cells I can find. I'll build three of 'em. One will be in use, one will be ready, third will be on the charger.

Good article you cited for us, Handload. I think I'll keep an eye on that bunch. They're practical, like this crew....