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HL, hopefully you’ll be helping me gear up a little this weekend. Heading out shortly to get some wire, so I’ll be seeking advice on getting it in the air.

As a side thought, I suppose I can ask my questions publicly so that more can benefit from your wisdom without you having to repeat yourself...


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I have 50 plus ft of wire out now if anyone would like to try and hit me later on today.
I am gonna be on this afternoon/ evening, around 2330Zulu, for both of You to try catching my signal. I will be calling to BACASH, because he has a callsign. 240, You are welcome to "send" via this thread, and I will reply. To BaCash, I will send over the Airwaves. NOT ignoring You, 240!!!

I really hope we can make contact.

For both of You: I will run as Hot as I dare, putting nearly 45 Watts into my Tuner, so Well over 30 Watts at the Antenna. My Antenna and Tuner are Happiest at 7027 MHz, but I can QSY to anywhere up to 7123 MHz, if there is any Interference. I will post notice here, so as to include 240. 240's location is gonna be a GREAT test of the Reach of OLIVIA !
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Thinking more about it, I should start Transmitting Earlier, in hopes of garnering the Grey Line passage over 240's place, earlier than over Ba's place.

So, how's about I start tossing out calls (to Ba) for 240 to try to hear, at around 2300Z. Ba will just have to let us know when (if) he first hears a clear call.

Oh, By the Way! Ba, What is Your Callsign?


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The usual 7027 plus 1500.
2300 or thereabouts.
I’ll be there early.
I’ll monitor this thread (or another) unless you move. Just let me know.
I can also try an Web SDR station closer to you both.

What’s your call sign? And how much power will you be pushing?


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For those not faint of heart.

A $2.00 patch cord would enable one to do a couple of things.

Listen into virtually any HF band. Learn to use digital modes. Listen in on HL and AGM’s super secret Communications.
(Where they self admitted that talk about us).

Here’s how: Buy, beg borrow or steal a 1.5mm patch cord. (That’s a headphone cord with the little male connectors on each end)
Download software called Fldigi from SourceForge(it’s free)
Open a browser on your computer and go to WebSDR. That site will allow you to access Ham stations around the world for free.
When you have accessed an appropriately located station change the following.
Frequency to 7027.00
Band to 40 meters
Mode to upper side band or USB.

Plug in headphones or turn on speakers and you should hear the hiss of dead air static noise. Adjust the volume to low.

Now minimize that window.

Bring up Fldigi and set as follows.
Set Frequency to 7027
Set mode to Upper side band (USB)
Set Digital to Olivia 16-500
Set Tx ID & Rx ID to ON

Now remove headphones and plug the patch cord into the jacks for microphone and the one for headphones.

You should see the black box at the bottom of the screen turn blue. If not turn up the volume gradually until it does. There is a diamond shaped box in the lower right corner. That will change color as volume increases. Watch the diamond. When it’s green that is right. Yellow is too loud. Red is overload.
At this point.
Fldigi should be displaying symbols in the top yellow pane. It will look like gibberish.
It is. The program tries to decode what it hears. If it only hears random noise it turns that into characters and symbols at random.
When our people are transmitting in that mode. (Like on Thursdays) Fldigi using the Olivia mode, will decode those into text that appears in that yellow pane.
Then you can be in on the secret as well.

DISCLAIMER: patching directly from mic to headphones may let the smoke out of your sound card!!!!!!
Always turn the volume down before starting. Only turn it up in small stages.

Remember that Amateur Radio is all about experimenting. 😁