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Winter is coming. Forever.
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Walmartians are hazardous to be around. That's reason enough. If I go, it's between 0230 and 0400. It's just too risky during the hours while they are out shambling about, polluting the air and spreading germs and feces from their unwashed hands upon items. I need to purell just imagining that place.

Red dog

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Living 4 hours away from the closest big box store Amazon prime is the saver for me. I don't know how they afford it with people like me, several orders a week, sometimes several orders a day. With free shipping who cares how many packages come.. I agree with HL though, the empty boxes stack up! I figure with my ordering schedule I make back the fee in free shipping within the first month, the prime video, music and the rest is all a plus. The best part for me is I understand that they are dropping FedEx, they have been the biggest pain in my rear.


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I’ve had it for over 10 years at this point I’m like Red Dog, living out in the sticks it’s a great way to get stuff I wouldn’t otherwise be able to access in my area. Plus subscribe and save for regular house hold items saves me a ton of money each month and now that amazon is getting into apparel it’s where I get most of my son’s clothing from. The way he keeps growing that alone makes the yearly fee worth it.


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We had it prior to kids, but once they came along, we quickly found that diapers and baby wipes via Amazon were a huge time-saver, and the prices were competitive with any of the local stores.

I'm sort of "old school" in that I use Amazon mostly for books and CDs, and buying used whenever possible takes Prime out of the quotation. However, it still applies to most Amazon Warehouse Deals (used/returned merchandise) so that works nicely.