Allergy headaches during chinavirus WARS pandemic when you shouldn't take ibuprofen?


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Excedrin is about the only thing that works on headaches of any kid for me. That said, they’ve had some kind of production issues recently and that shit is about as common as TP. I have found that the generic versions works just about as well.


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I usually start with the acupressure points between the thumbs. Lot of time, this will break a muscle-tension headache. I usually use aspirin, if I have a really bad one. For the allergy issues, i use local honey.


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I don't get headaches too bad or often so don't relate to your level of pain. I have had a headache off and on for over a week now. My wife gave me peppermint essential oil rolled onto the back of my neck and temples. Help quite a bit. Aspirin a few times.

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Our allergy season came on strong this week. "They" are recommending against NSAID's, which I rely upon heavily. Anyone have any OTC suggestions without having to go peel a birch tree?
France is the country that came out with the NSAIDS warning, specifically ibuprofen, but some of their ramblings include aspirin and cortisone in them. There are several things at play there. One this was only an announcement made by the French health minister that ibuprofen COULD cause complications, and two - with France, this is perhaps the most important, in January before the virus came into play at all, France had issued a ruling that all NSAIDS come with a warning that they must consult their physician before use. This seems to have been a step toward making all NSAIDS prescription only in France.

Supposedly the study that showed ibuprofen could be a problem came from Austria. Austria's medical people say the Austrian equivalent of "oh hell no we didn't say that" and called it fake news.

Another internet rumor said the information came from The Lancet. It did not. The Lancet had an article on the increased complications with patients with other risk factors, such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. One doctor in the article said that the increased risk could also be coming from the medications used to treat those diseases, but that was only a hypothesis, with no effort to prove or disprove it, just one of several possibilities.

The author of the Lancet article who made that comment clarified after this rumor started, that in no way was the article recommending for or against the use of any medication, there was no indication that medication were the problem, it could well be just the disease risk factors. He further said if anyone was unsure or uncomfortable with any medication, they should consult their physician as their physician would know the relative need for a given medication in that patient's treatment plan.

I treat allergy headaches with 1 naproxen sodium (Aleve or naprosyn) and 1 - 10 mg. sudafed.

P.S. peeling birch bark would give you the equivalent of aspirin... and you'd be back to the NSAID question. :)

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I should have included this in the op
I take 2 full size aspirin daily and have for many years under doctor orders as part of my regime. The nurse called and discussed it with me Friday and we thought it might be best of I stopped/ tapered or cut back to 3 baby aspirin. I didn't take any last night or this morning and I feel like crap. Joints hurt but the sinus pressure is insane. Upon reading mel's words, I just took my regular dose. I guess I'm going to continue with what I'm doing, China and their virus be damned.

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She might have recommended the reduction of the aspirin because of the excessive blood thinning properties of that much aspirin. Mine cut me back from 1 regular to 2 baby (so he halved the dose) in late December because he was concerned I might get the flu and it would make bronchial bleeds so much easier to happen. That was before we realized the China flu existed.

But I'm in no way a medical person, just another person on an aspirin regime.