Additive nature of technology


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My Mom and Dad were always supportive and positive.. my Dad always said that you can learn to do
anything if you put your mind to it.. I think you are a rarity these days, Bacash.. most parents helicopter
and " manage " everything in their kid's lives now. True freedom comes from independant thinking and
being capable of doing your own thing without supervision. I learn way more from my mistakes than
I do when things go okay.
At 19 months, she's already had her share of falls and such because we let her learn for herself. Obviously, we're not going to let her do something that could cause her real harm, but if she thinks she can climb something, we let her. More times than not, she surprises the crap out of us and actually does it, even though we looked at each other like "watch this" because we assumed she couldn't. She saw the Dr yesterday and he told my wife "I don;t think I've had a 19 month old this muscular before" and I directly attribute that to the fact that we don't carry her around, up and down the stairs, pick her up on to the couch etc, we let her use her own abilities to do it. When we're outside, she's always dragging something around or picking up big rocks, etc.


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My wife and I already decided that we will never answer a question that we don't know the answer to with some flippant answer like "because I said so" or tell our kids they are unable to do something. I'd much rather say "I don't know" and teach them how to learn. And if they are unable to do a task, they can figure it out on their own, but they'll learn A WHOLE LOT in the process of trying.
That's the same thing we're doing with our kids.

We focus on teaching them how to learn and stoking that natural curiosity which, in our opinion, is far more valuable than assigning tasks!

Now the 6 year old knows how to speak Spanish pretty darn well, identify constellations from memory, and reads books far beyond his years on a daily basis.