A New Superbug

Widows Son

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And by patients demanding antibiotics for viral illnesses, and not finishing the full course of antibiotics....
I see two populations at fault for this. Doc's who "cave in" to the demands of wacko-mindless patients who are NOT adequately educated on this and then there are the "nurse practitioners and PA's" who those patients go to when the doctor tells them they don't NEED an antibiotic for this. The NP's allow the patients to call them "doctor" and so do the PA's. It's all a game of politics to degrade the confidence of our people for the physician. Once the PA's and NP's start getting sued for "malpractice" because they REALLY DON"T know what they are doing, things will start to change, but NOT before. Much of this political controversy is being caused by "administrators" who think they can get away "cheap" by hiring NON Doctors to do the work. As I mentioned in the subject of Kinetics, once the ball starts rolling down the hill (and the lawyers start getting really rich on it) things will change, but not before.
Primary care is quickly becoming a useless pursuit for a real, hospital trained physician. But that will change as I said, once the lawyers find how easy it is to prosecute the NP's and PA's.