A lil experiment.


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When you get a sec, would ya do a final report? As far as I know, not too many people even make the experiment much less, do this on a regular basis... but it would become extremely valuable in a long-term SHTF situation.


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Bumping this thread again; 2 years later it's even more relevant.

My questions:

How much wheat were you able to harvest from that reasonable sized plot? (We can figure how much flour that makes from the grinding threads.)

Did you dry it? How? just air/solar dry?

Was the harvest of usable wheat worth trying this again? Cottage style that is, vs more commercial acreage.


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Honestly...it didn't produce as much as I would have liked.
The turkeys and song birds took their share and more.
We also had a very wet year and harvesting was delayed by muddy ground and that gave the wildlife more time to get their licks in.
I only ended up with a couple of gallons of wheat berries.
I have it stored for when I can get a mill in the house and there should be enough to make a loaf or two.


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Return of the Optimist. Hope you're doing well sir.
Question on your 12x12.
How much did you lose if any?
Lost some to fungus early on, but I pulled those plants and made sure the others didn't show mold on 'em. We've had a wetter year this year, but I've seen no signs of mold, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Lost a little to deer and the neighbor's goats, but a bit of paintball marking took care of that... I may have more trouble with that this year. Had a lot of does drop twins up this way.