48 volt regulator circuit

Hi Folks. I have a 48 volt off-grid system, with an inverter. Some loads I run directly off the battery bank, such as the fridge. I would like to try to run a security system comprised of components that will run 48 volts. The issue is that the battery voltage varies between 49 to 59 volts. I wonder if anyone has experience with a small regulator circuit to control the battery bank voltage to get a regulated 48 volt supply?


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Leave the batteries alone, they need to drift up an down.

What You are looking for is called a " DC to DC Converter ". Look for them at MOUSER.com, DIGIKEY Electronics Supply, or at Your local Electronics Supply House. Depending on the current needs, You can sometimes find everything on a Chip, or in a Small enclosure.

China, inc sells all sorts of those, in all sorts of Voltages and Currents. Ebay....