2019 Tornado Thread


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Yep. It's muggy here... Dewpoint at 70... So whatever comes through here will be strong.

Has that calm before the storm feeling.


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People are wrapping their cars with bubble tape and cardboard boxes in my complex. I’ve got a little coverage under some trees. Have insurance so whatever happens, happens. No other covered parking.


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Bubble wrap and cardboard?!? :LOL:
I’m already in my PJs otherwise I’d take a picture! Some used that blue tape they use at car washes to take your wipers down. Another guy, I kid you not, was using packing tape to tape cardboard to his car. Scared the crap out my dogs when we went out a little while ago. I thought surely he’s not...yet, yep, he is. Clear packing tape. :eek:

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They used to use packing blankets, the idea being it would keep the hood and roof of the car from getting hail dents. Maybe bubble wrap is the new version of that, all the padding, none of the soaking wet packing blankets. I always just made sure I knew where the insurance card was... to call them and tell them their car seemed a bit pockmarked. But the packing blankets on other people's cars in the parking lot must have done the trick warding off the hail, I never had any hit the car.