2019 Tornado Thread


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Yep. Storm was moving NE at 60mph. Blew through with some strong gusts, impressive lightning and a little rain. The velocity map had that same light pink as your Alabama map, and the weather guy kept point out some ominous “knobs forming”. Still some thunder rumbling, but it’s about gone.


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Big picture view - these are massive supercells one behind the other on the dryline.

As opposed to what we saw earlier in the day, with tornadoes embedded in a squall line.

These are more dangerous. All the energy is concentrated



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Here are some of the pics I took at Mt. Zion Baptist Church yesterday.
While the damage may look pretty rough, from a structural standpoint, it could have been a lot worse.
As you look at these photos, keep in mind that there were 40 children in the day care center when the EF-2 hit.

Nobody got a single scratch!!

Front view of the Church from the highway.
The sanctuary is the to the left with the exposed arches.

This is the front, exterior wall of the sanctuary.

Left side of the sanctuary.

Peeking in through a missing window.
This is the only stained glass window that was destroyed.

Roof section on that side.

This is the sanctuary from the right side.
Note the splintered decking on the roof.
This were tongue and groove 2x6s.
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This is the right side of the sanctuary showing where the lion's share of the roof landed.
Impact damage in the 2nd story classrooms was evident from fractured sheetrock in the walls and ceiling.
Without "destructive investigation" I don't know the extent of the structural damage in that area.

Inside the sanctuary.

Sanctuary from pulpit's view.

This is the stairway behind the pulpit that filled with debris from the front exterior wall.


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One of the exits between the sanctuary and the Family Life Center.

Lobby area.

The hallway leading to the Family Life Center.
The damage was considerable less severe in this area.
With minimal repairs, they will probably be able to hold services in here on Sunday.
The shiny stuff on the floor is the tempered glass from the exit doors.

Outside damage to the Family Life Center caused by the sanctuary roof spinning by as it came apart.
The other side of this wall shows impact damage, possibly from roof sections hitting it on the way by.

Debris from roof assembly.

The transformers that fed the Church started out about 100 feet from here.

Front entrance to the Family Life Center took damage as roof debris came over the main part of the Church.
The parking lot was full of roof debris, metal roofing and insulation.
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