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    New Search Engine... Startup, but looks like it might work pretty well for those of us who want privacy.
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    Additive nature of technology

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    Skill set for working with people Some of you do this already. But in putting together ad hoc groups in a hurry, as may be needful in the coming weeks and months, this article deserves some thought.
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    Colloidal Silver Solution

    Couple of folks have been interested for a while in preparing this kind of material. I make this and use it regularly, both with myself and with the horses, and with the cattle back when I raised 'em. This may be done off-grid or with house current. Since it works off direct current...
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    Combines the lead acid battery and the supercapacitor technologies, to considerable advantage over both technologies alone. Ecoult is building a 48 volt 20 kw assembly that looks useful.
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    IR light strings on the fences...

    OPTEK : OP290A OP290A IR LED by Optek. If you are looking for bright IR, you found it. You can power this bad boy with 4V up to 150mA. 890nm, 50deg emission. T1-3/4(5mm). LED1144. 833-BGMICRO (833-246-4276) Items and amount: 0 and $0.00 Checkout | View | Login | Register | My Account...
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    CONUS military bases

    Thought some might find this handy.
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    milspec construction for the beginner...
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    One of the places I find stuff...

    Crazy Crow. Caters to the reenactors, but has useful stuff for the rest of us too... Jantz knifemaking supply over in Oklahoma. Sells a good variety of knife steels. Metal Depot, when I'm hunting other steel stuff...
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    Good reads Backwoodsman magazine is a short-format bimonthly magazine that is full of short articles. They'll swap advertising or subscription for articles. The mag was based in Rockport, Texas, but moved to Bandera after the hurricane...
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    CoVid19, to which Bill Gates owns the patent, is loose upon the world.

    Bill and Melinda hold the patent on this thing. It's their bug. It's loose. Were it my bug, the powers that be would be sitting on my doorstep.
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    Bunkerbuster's disinfectant

    Here’s a safe, super-strong way to disinfect. 1) Take a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3% solution, the kind you buy in the drugstore). Leave it in the* brown bottle it comes in because hydrogen peroxide is light sensitive. Screw a spray bottle nozzle onto the brown bottle. 2) Fill another...
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    It's a survival skill.... Interesting article. There's some crossfeed here with cold weather survival tricks too.
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    It ain't a foodstuff per se, but a recipe for carbolic acid soap....

    ...would be a timely thing given the flu bug and its Chinee cousin.
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    Vote with your feet....

    First West Virginia made an offer to dissatisfied Virginia counties to change statehood. Now there is this from Oregon, California and Idaho.
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    Interesting package. Looks doable. Bunkerbuster double-thanked this one, so I figger it is probably a good notion.
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    New article. Take a gander.

    Please delete. Double post.
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    Can't impeach him, so go after Trump for causing school bullying...

    Washington Post piece. Here they go again.... Won't even let me post a link....
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    Philosophy as a tool for surviving...

    Then Truth Will Out "The road is always better than the inn." An assessment of position on the freedom road after passing the 25th milestone at FEE OTHER BOOKS BY LEONARD E. READ Romance of Reality (o.p.) Pattern for Revolt Students of Liberty Estudiantes de la Libertad Outlook for Freedom...