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  1. Bacash

    Making bread with Country Living mill

    My Country Living Grain Mill was delivered Friday. Got the Country Living mill all put together and bolted to a 2x10. They make a counter clamp for it, but I thought the 2x10 would give me a bit more versatility. It came with a small bag of flour and a note that said that was test run through...
  2. Bacash

    Practicing New Skills

    Had today off, I put in for it long ago. Figured I would just keep it as a day off and do some stuff around the house. Being that you can’t find a loaf of bread around here to save your life, I decided to try to make it the old fashioned way. I used to make my own bread all the time, but...
  3. Bacash

    Home Security Systems

    Home today cause the kid was up all night sick, so looking at deals I get through a corporate partnership, specifically with SimpliSafe. The system I built has: 2 Keypads 1 Camera 3 door alarms 1 glass break sensor 2 key fobs 2 motion sensors 2 smoke Detectors 2 yard signs 1 105 decibel...
  4. Bacash

    Mosby’s Medical Dictionary - Free

    Have been packing the last few days to move and found an extra copy. It’s in fantastic shape. It’s full of good stuff to build your medical library. Free to anyone who wants it. If you’ve got the money, cover shipping, if you don’t, I’ll pay shipping.
  5. Bacash

    Washing clothes

    How does everyone plan to do this? We decided to use reusable diapers as much as possible, for several reasons. 1. Cut down on cost 2. Less crap (heh) going in a landfill 3. Not dependent on going to a store The reusable diapers use a cloth insert inside a waterproof cover, if you’ve never...
  6. Bacash

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to my fellow OTGF’ers!! Jesus is risen!! Praise God!! Baby girl is in her first Easter dress and I’m seeing a future that involves sleepless nights and ghillie suits...
  7. Bacash

    Concealed Carry Insurance

    I could have sworn we had a discussion about this somewhere, but I can’t find it for the life of me. I’ve thought about getting CC insurance in the past, but never pursued it beyond the initial cursory comparison. With a kid coming in a couple months, it’s moved it’s way up the priority...
  8. Bacash

    Anyone ever seen this generator A 2200 watt inverter genny for $250 seems pretty good. Hoping @HandLoad might have some input for me. It appears that it used to be sold by Northern Tool and I found this site with some good specs...
  9. Bacash

    ATF charges guy in Ohio for AR pistol brace

    Looks like the ATF ignores its own decisions and prosecuted an Ohio guy for accessories on his AR15 pistol. Article below
  10. Bacash

    Fobus paddle holster

    I’ve got a right handed Fobus paddle holster that fits Sig Sauer P220, P226, P227, P228, P245, P225. Anyone wants it, it’s yours for the cost of shipping. Nothing wrong with it, I just no longer have anything that fits it.
  11. Bacash

    Steel ramps

    Decided I didn’t want to torture myself and sit, glued to a screen, following the polls minus by minute. I’ve been wanting to build a set of ramps to drive a lawn tractor, an ATV or other light equipment into the back of my dump truck. Being that it’s 40” to the gate, the $80 Harbor freight...
  12. Bacash

    New from Facebook So not only something that listens to your every word and has a built in camera, BUT THE CAMERA FOLLOWS YOU AROUND!!! You can’t even walk across the room so the camera...
  13. Bacash

    Space Force

    Did anyone else listen to the Pence speech on this? He had some really great remarks about the state of this country concerning our military development versus the military developments of other countries. I’ll look and see if I can find a link to the speech somewhere, it is definitely worth a...
  14. Bacash

    Making Mead

    Not sure if this would be the best place for this thread, feel free to move it if there’s a better place. Sorry for any typos, doing this whole post from my phone while waiting for an appointment. So as I mentioned elsewhere, we finally took the plunge and started to raise bees this year (need...
  15. Bacash

    Dog peeing

    So Ive been working out in the garage and the dog has been hanging out with me. Every time she gets up, there’s a small puddle on the floor. At first I thought it was from drool since she’s panting. But then I noticed a small puddle after she had only been there a minute or two, so naturally I...
  16. Bacash


    At some point in our day, we should all take a moment to say a prayer of thanks and observe a moment of silence for the brave young men that stormed that beach 74 years ago today. They went through hell so that we don’t have to.
  17. Bacash

    Stuck disc brake

    @sonofliberty @GOBLIN X and anyone else that’s a gear head. I’m pretty good with fixing stuff that breaks, pretty much do all my own cars repairs, equipment repairs, appliance repairs, etc, so I feel kinda stupid asking. Used my 1991 Chevy 1 ton dump truck to get some topsoil this morning...
  18. Bacash


    Headed to Lehman’s today to spend some time walking through. The wife and I are SUPER excited to spend some time there looking at all they have to offer. We’ve been slowly gathering “homesteading” tools for the last year or so as we plan to finally be able to purchase our dream house and...
  19. Bacash

    Tooth Ache

    Looking for some help for my wife here. She had a toothache spring up the other day and, with me switching jobs two weeks ago, we currently have no insurance for another 2 weeks (insurance starts after 30 days). Our normal dentist actually saw her for free, did X-rays and prescribed her an...