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    The "good news for a change" thread

    Now keep in mind that one failure is rare. Drill a matching hole in the other taillight...
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    Has anybody attended the annual prepper event in NC?

    Did the driver get out? That was a bad one.
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    Hurricane Thread

    Now that's redneck enough to make a feller proud...
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    Doc's Corner: Lacerations and Suturing

    Thank you, EntropyFX. I'd forgotten a lot of that detail over the years.
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    Nuclear "Batteries"

    I saw one that worked years back at a facility in Texas. The nuclear material was put in a glass chunk, and the thing got hot, about 400 or 500 degrees hot. The glass chunk was held inside a steel jacket, with water piped in, and the water boiled. It drove a low speed turbine that pushed a...
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    Anyone here like math?

    I still do, but I use real yardsticks for measurement...
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    Hash with a Cajun twist

    Appreciate it.
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    Hash with a Cajun twist

    Olive oil, or bacon grease for the ramps, Goblin?
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    Cast Iron cooking...

    I can see some interesting mods to that one, to include roast beef leftovers, to include carrots, gravy and any left over spud...
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    Boo Boo says hi,

    Neighbor of yours?
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    Interesting truck/car grill

    It was.
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    The "good news for a change" thread

    Congratulations, and will keep 'em in our prayers down here in the Ozark country.
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    The "good news for a change" thread

    Kinda dusty in here all of a sudden.
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    Funny memes

    Complete with thump barrel...